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Ready To Make An Appointment?

Please call the office to schedule. Every patient is unique and deserves our full attention. A knowledgeable member of our staff can help determine and set up the type of appointment your pet requires.

Call Now: 859-625-1144

Please note that if you are scheduling a surgical appointment your pet must be dropped off between opening and 9:00 am. Pick up time will be given at drop off or when you call after 12:00 pm. Pets must not have food or water after midnight. Please walk your dog after 1:00 pm, before dropping off.
If you need to schedule an appointment for your pet due to lameness/limping, please schedule a drop off appointment or an early morning appointment. For your pet’s comfort, sometimes sedation is needed for x-rays. Do not feed or water your pet after midnight prior to the appointment.
For dogs who are coughing plan on a late day appointment. Please keep your pet in the car and check in by calling from the car. Coughing dogs are often contagious. We do this for the safety of our patients.